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A Residential Energy Savings Agreement (RESA) is a maintenance program to give your family convenience and peace of mind.  We custom them for  your specific needs.  With our RESA’s,  you get semi-annual precision tune-ups and professional cleanings of your equipment.  You pay in advance for the services and this gives you a 17% annual savings.   Regularly scheduled maintenance of your heating and cooling system will lengthen your system’s life, increase efficiency, save you time and money.  It is a well proven fact that properly maintained furnaces and air conditioners operate much more efficiently than equipment that is not taken care of.


Why should you sign up for a Residential Energy Savings Agreement with Leith Heating and Cooling, Inc?


With our agreements, we call you for your appointment and you receive a winter and a summer precision tune-up of your equipment.  Additionally,  if you have a humidifier or a electronic air cleaner, we can add those on as well.   You will be a priority customer and the agreement is transferable if you move.  We have 24 hour emergency service to serve you needs.  Most importantly, if you have a RESA with us, you will not be charged the after hours rate, just the regular hourly rate, if you do have an emergency.

Overall, the benefits of a RESA are a convenience and peace of mind that you will enjoy every year.  Please give us a call to discuss signing up for one or email us at