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As with any air conditioning system, heating systems require maintenance to prevent unexpected failures. Leith Heating and Cooling recommends preventing system failures by arranging for a heating maintenance checkup. Heating maintenance will allow a technician to comb through your system to identify potential week points and make recommendations to avoid system downtime.

During a heating maintenance visit, the technician will test all the components of the heating system. Checking all electrical components by measuring amp and voltage draw to verify they are within manufacture tolerance, checking refrigerant pressures during the heating mode and monitoring the system as it cycles through defrost mode will enable the technician to diagnose any impending problems.

In many cases, a simple heating maintenance call before the cold weather would have prevented unexpected system downtime. This would allow time to acquire any older hard to find parts before the cold weather of winter is upon us.

Don’t be the one suffering without heat this winter by scheduling a heating maintenance checkup now. Please call Leith Heating and Cooling at 847-851-8698