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gilberts Air Conditioning repair

When you have a breakdown, call us!

We are the Most Reliable HVAC Company for gilberts’ air conditioning repairs.


Your air conditioner experiences its own share of broken parts and “injuries” that compromise its efficiency, reliability and affordability. At Leith Heating and Cooling, we take great pride in our ability to swoop in and rescue you from the problems that put your system on the disabled list and turn your cool, comfortable home into a sauna. When you need our quality air conditioning repair service in Gilberts and surrounding areas, one of our cool techs will glide on over to handle the problem quickly and professionally. Our vans are loaded with everything we need to fix your problem the first time—every time. We have the experience, training and equipment to tackle anything you throw at us. It doesn’t matter what make or model your AC system is. We repair them all! We’ll take your unit under our wing and nurse it back to health with our same-day repairs.

Don’t Put Problems on the Back Burner

We all lead busy lives. So, when you notice a minor problem with your air conditioner, it can be tempting to put it on ice. But here’s the reason why you should give your system the TLC it deserves as quickly as possible. Just like small health issues can slip into serious illnesses, minor glitches with your AC system can slide into major (and more costly) catastrophes. And that’s just not cool.