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South elgin Furnace repair

When you have a breakdown, call us!

We are the Most Reliable HVAC Company for south elgin’s furnace repairs

Winters are relatively mild in South Elgin, but nighttime temperatures regularly fall into the lower 40s. That’s why it’s important to have a dependable heating system to keep your home warm and comfortable. Heat pumps and furnaces are built to withstand a lot of use, but wear and tear eventually takes its toll. If you wake up to a broken heating system, call the professionals at Leith Heating and Cooling.

Do You Need Heating Repair Service?

If you notice your heating unit is suffering from declining performance, tripped circuit breakers, obnoxious smells or strange noises, you should immediately call for heater repair service. Hidden problems that we can focus on to fix may include cold spots, drafts or rising utility costs.

A call to our fully staffed service department can save you money, time and aggravation. When your furnace or heater operates in a weakened condition, the compromised parts place added stress on other critical components. If the issue isn’t addressed, a minor problem can become a major expense. When your heater or furnace has malfunctioned, it’s good to know one of our experienced service technicians can quickly diagnose your unit and make the appropriate repairs.

The Heating Repair Process

At Leith Heating and Cooling, we understand how frustrating it is when your furnace or heat pump breaks down when the cold weather arrives. The situation gets much worse if your provider isn’t available or communicating. We maintain a large service department so we’re ready to repair your unit, no matter how busy we are. If you call us for service, you’ll always receive a prompt response, and we’ll do our best to work around your schedule. We’ll look at everything like it’s our own house and the best solution or equipment for the problem. Our focus is on quality work with value.