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st charles AC Installation

We will deliver the most reliable service to St. Charles for AC Installation.

Leith Heating and Cooling serves the st charles area for Ac Installations.


Time for a new air conditioner?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests you should consider replacing your air conditioner or heat pump if it’s more than 12 years old, and your furnace or boiler if it’s more than 15 years old. New units have much higher efficiency levels to help lower your utility bills and are more reliable than older systems.

Some items to consider before you decide:

How old is your system?

Older systems of more than 10 years use a lot more fuel than the newer models. You should review the SEER (efficiency) rating of your existing system and compare it to the newer models. New units are rated at least 14 SEER which can reduce your electric bill.

How expensive are your repair bills?

Frequent repairs costing hundreds of dollars will mean your repair bills will soon exceed the cost of a new system. Is your home uncomfortable? If your rooms are too hot or too cold, your current system may be too large of too small, or not installed correctly.


Leith Heating and Cooling has served the residents and businesses in the St. Charles for over 20 years.

Our professionals are simply the best in the business and take pride in their work. Call us today to schedule your appointment for an estimate, repair or maintenance service. 847-851-8698